The War Between Your Current and Future Lifestyle

Original Article written by Don Blanton, Money Trax

hile you may not always be aware of the fighting going on around you; nevertheless, you are involved in a fierce battle and you are the supreme commander. All decisions to act must come through you and the outcome of every decision is on your shoulders. Your mission is to handle the financial affairs of your current lifestyle and its stressful demands while also preparing for your retirement years, saving and investing for your Future Lifestyle. The difficulty is that you are in a war between two opposing sides and you are the leader of both.

Current Lifestyle for most of us seems to get the bulk of our attention on a day to day basis and, in order to stay on top of things, requires most of our time and money. There always seems to be something that our Current Lifestyle needs or wants that adds pressure to every financial decision we face. If one is not careful, it is easy to allocate too much spending to the concerns of today that we can get caught putting our Future Lifestyle at risk down the road.

WARNING: It is easy to get lulled into thinking that you have time on your side to put your Future Lifestyle concerns in order.

There are so many Current Lifestyle distractions that can divert your focus from your primary mission which is to balance the two opposing positions. Things like finding a solid job, buying a house, buying cars, raising children, sending your kids to college, not to mention the countless casualties that are a result of living. With all we face with our current lifestyle, it is quite easy to lose focus on the fact that one day our Future Lifestyle resources will run dry if we did not put enough money aside along the way.

How are you doing managing both sides?

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